Top 5 Financial Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

financial benefits of water filtration systems

Did you know? An average American spends $100 per year on water bottles, with the whole country spending $16 billion per year. Thus, it pays to know the financial benefits of house water filtration systems.

From skipping water bottles to preventing plumbing issues, this article discusses the top financial benefits of water filtration systems.

1. Reduced Water Bottle Consumption

An average American spends $100 per year on water bottles. Let’s do a little math. Let’s say there are 5 people in your house. That’s $500 worth of savings per year.

Plus, you can save money by skipping those big and heavy water jugs. After all, who likes carrying them every week? 

By getting a water filtration system, safe and clean water will be coming right out of your faucet. 

2. Decreased Soap, Shampoo, & Detergent Use

Did you know? Hard water reduces the effectiveness of soap and hair care products. In particular, it decreases effectiveness. You are consuming four times more soap and spending four times more out of your pocket, because of hard water.

By using soft water, you use soap and hair care products at their peak. In other words, you can cut your soap consumption and still get the same effect.

Let’s do some math again (please don’t hate us). On average, Americans spend up to $600 per year on body soap & laundry detergent, and $73 on shampoo.

Using soft water, you can cut your expenses by 75%. That’s up to $504.75 worth of savings per year.

3. Lower Risk of Getting Medical Bills

One of the most common diseases caused by contaminated water is diarrhea. On average, the cost of diarrhea-related bills can go up to $200 per episode.

Let’s do another round of calculations. On average, an American gets diarrhea once or twice a year. That’s $200 to $400 worth of savings per year.

By having a water filtration system, you won’t just avoid diarrhea. You can avoid skin irritation, cholera, and malnutrition as well.

We don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of trips to the hospital prevented by clean water.

4. Longer Appliance Life

We did a quick Amazon search. High-quality heaters cost somewhere between $300 and $700. High-quality washers cost somewhere between $400 and $1,500. 

Imagine if you can max out these appliances’ longevity. By using soft water, appliances such as these will work longer.

In particular, soft water prevents mineral deposits on tubes and machines. As a result, your appliances stay clean and functional.

5. Fewer Plumbing Issues

Did you know? Hard water reduces the efficiency of your water pipes

Hiring a plumber costs $175 to $450 each time. While plumbing issues are inevitable, they can be reduced.

The simplest solution? Having a water treatment system. 

Water treatment systems keep your pipes clean, prevent grime buildup, and avoid corrosion.

Therefore, water treatment systems can reduce plumbing issues like clogged drains, burst pipes, and low water pressure.

A Wrap-Up of the Financial Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

To sum it up, here’s a quick rundown of how much money you can save through water filtration systems:

Water Bottles   $500

Soap, Shampoo, & Detergent   $504.25

Medical Bills   $400

Longer Appliance Life  $2,200

Plumbing  $450

Total  $4,057.75

Imagine saving up to $4,057.75 per year just by having a house water treatment system.

*Disclaimer: The savings presented here are just estimates. They can go up and down depending on each household’s needs.

Do you think it’s worth investing in a water treatment system? Schedule a free water test now!